Personal Injury and Insurance

When accidents happen, the personal injury attorneys at KSR have the know-how and tenacity to help put things right — so you can heal and return as soon as possible to your life.

Accidents can happen — to anyone, at any time, in any place. A driver takes his eyes off the road for a second and suddenly everything changes. When tragedy strikes due to an accident, we have your back? What if you are injured elsewhere on a private property? As personal injury attorneys with 40 years of experience, we know the challenges you face when an accident leads to injury or even death.

The physical and emotional trauma of an accident place an enormous burden on you and your family. Every aspect of your life is likely to be altered. We take great pride in helping our clients shoulder those burdens so they can focus on healing and returning their lives to normal while we deal with the hassle factor of insisting that insurance companies do the right thing.

We will help you navigate the maze of:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Serious physical hardship
  • Health insurance
  • Medical payments insurance
  • Insurance for the negligent party
  • Third-party providers who demand reimbursement if you receive money
  • Unsolicited requests for legal or medical assistance

Our primary goal is to negotiate a fair settlement of your case, require someone to be accountable for their actions, and do so promptly. We will handle the negotiation process and keep you involved every step of the way.

Ultimately, you will make the final decision about whether a settlement proposal is acceptable. If we cannot reach a settlement you are happy with, we are always more than ready to go to court and rigorously argue your case before a jury.

Need help with a personal injury case? Contact personal injury attorney Steven D. Rowe.

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