Residential Real Estate

The legal side of all residential real estate matters can be daunting. That is why so many have sought our guidance when it is time to buy or sell a home in Columbus and Central Ohio. There are more areas where we can help. Our deep knowledge of residential real estate also extends to tax appeals, lien removal, leases, title disputes, boundary and zoning disputes, easements, financing, and mortgages — virtually anything that touches your home.

If you are buying or selling a home, we can guide you through the entire process. From reviewing your purchase contract to assisting with your closing, we will be right there with you. We review the title to the property, resolve survey and boundary issues, and ultimately get your matter closed and concluded. We can make sure that you get what you are entitled to whether you are buying or selling.

Beyond providing counsel for buying and selling a home, you can turn to us for a range of residential real estate assistance, including:

  • Disputing changes to the value of your property and increases in your property tax obligations
  • Disputing and removing liens on your property that may arise after you purchased your home or which were handled inappropriately when you closed
  • Handling zoning issues if you are planning home improvements, additions, or new structures on your property
  • Leasing your property or assuming a lease so you fully understand your rights and the terms of your lease and can avoid disputes later when the lease is at its end

After family, few things matter more than the roof over our heads. For expert advice and guidance on residential real estate, contact Scott N. Schaeffer.

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