Individual Law

Life is full of twists and turns. Some you can expect. Others leap out of the blue and throw you off track. Whether events are planned or random, the attorneys at KSR can help you approach them with confidence.

Our relationship begins with earning your trust. We do that by listening carefully so we can truly understand who you are and what your goals are to determine how to effectively advocate on your behalf. If you need help overcoming a personal injury or managing a medical emergency, writing a will or closing on your home, confronting a creditor or taking on discrimination at work — we will work tirelessly to protect you, your rights, your family, and your plans for the future.

Individual Law Services

Jobs and Employment

Understanding your rights in the workplace is not easy. The labor attorneys at KSR can help you make sense of them.

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Personal Injury and Insurance

When accidents happen, the personal injury attorneys at KSR have the know-how and tenacity to help put things right — so you can heal and return as soon as possible to your life.

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