For some couples seeking to end their marriage, a dissolution offers a more amicable alternative to divorce.

Marriage is complicated. Sometimes it is more complicated than either spouse anticipated. When those complications get in the way, couples can avoid the often costly and time-consuming process of a divorce by obtaining a dissolution.

With a dissolution, couples can terminate their marriage by agreeing on all issues of property division, debt allocation, allocation of parental rights, child support and spousal support. The court does not become involved in the process until the full agreement has been reached and the appropriate paperwork filed with the court. Once the dissolution is filed, a final hearing must occur between 30 and 90 days of the filing. While terminating a marriage is never easy, a dissolution is a less contentious way to end a marriage.

If you wish to terminate your marriage and are likely to be able to agree on all terms, our dissolution attorneys are here to help. To learn more about obtaining a dissolution, contact Julia L. Leveridge.

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