Business Debt Restructuring

When unforeseen circumstances put your business at risk, take advantage of our longstanding experience counseling banks and lenders and put it to work for you.

While the attorneys at KSR act as legal counsel to banks and lenders in workouts and special assets matters, we also specialize in assisting borrowers and guarantors with debt restructuring and similar matters. We recognize that even successful business owners can experience financial setbacks that require them to reevaluate their opportunities, debt structure, and operations to ensure the future health and longevity of their enterprise. While those times can certainly be troubling, quite often reorganization, debt restructuring, or similar actions can save or, in the long term, even grow a business.

Given our history of providing workouts and special assets work to numerous bank clients, the attorneys at KSR can put our knowledge and understanding of both sides of a debt restructure to work for a business struggling with financial shortfalls. By carefully analyzing your unique circumstances, debt structure, assets, and related finances, our attorneys can help you identify a feasible debt restructuring plan and then negotiate or work with your lenders, service and material providers, and other parties to reach a resolution. In many instances, we can design creative but practical solutions to a troubling financial picture to help keep your business running.

In the event that a debt restructure cannot be reached by agreement, we can help you pursue other avenues, such as the filing of an appropriate type of bankruptcy, to help you achieve an optimal outcome.

If you are facing financial difficulties and need counsel related to debt restructuring or are considering filing bankruptcy, contact Scott N. Schaeffer.

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