Employment and Labor Law

At KSR we believe a good working relationship between you and your employees starts with a clear understanding of their rights — and yours.

Diversity of nationalities, races, religions, and values is one of America’s greatest strengths. It can also be a source of friction, especially in the workplace. Maintaining an efficient and productive working environment can be challenging. Sometimes an employee’s perception of his or her rights can result in unfounded and troublesome legal action.

Having represented Central Ohio businesses for over 40 years, the employment and labor law attorneys at KSR understand the challenge you face when dealing with disgruntled employees. When those situations arise, we can put our deep understanding of employment and labor law to work on your behalf.

As specialists in employment and labor law, our attorneys provide expert counsel and representation related to the entire range of federal and state law governing the workplace. You can rely on our expertise in matters relating to:

  • Title VII and Title 4112 and other statutes related to discrimination based on sex, race, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, and pregnancy
  • Claims by Employees of Discrimination and Wrongful Termination
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Worker’s Compensation Retaliation
  • First Amendment Retaliation
  • Non-compete, Disclosure, Solicitation, or Severance Agreements
  • Labor Law, Labor Agreements, Union Negotiations
  • Human Resources Support, including guidance on employee handbooks and prompt response to questions from HR staff.

The many federal and state laws on discrimination and retaliation in the workplace can be complicated, difficult to understand, and leave you uncertain about what your rights are — and what you can do if an employee or former employee brings legal action against you. With the right Columbus employment and labor law attorney by your side, you can get the help you need to ensure your rights and your business are protected.

To schedule a consult with an employment and labor law attorney, contact Erica A. Probst.

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