Commercial Real Estate

Given the legal complexity and number of parties involved in commercial real estate, your interests and assets demand the experienced, unflinching counsel our clients have relied on since 1977.

Wide ranging and far reaching, commercial real estate invariably touches a wealth of interested parties — sellers, buyers, leasors and leasees, tenants and landlords, and zoning, tax, and other government entities. Since it can touch both your homes and your livelihoods, it requires the special care of experienced, knowledgeable attorneys working on your behalf, regardless of where your interests lie.

The commercial real estate attorneys at KSR have been providing prudent counsel to our clients for decades. Our experience in this arena covers purchase transactions, sale transactions, lease and tenant issues, tax appeals, and zoning disputes. Click on the tab below for more details on the commercial real estate issue of interest to you- or contact Scott N. Schaeffer.

Purchase Transactions

With deep experience helping businesses of all sizes with their purchase transactions, KSR attorneys are prepared to assist you throughout the many stages of a purchase transaction.

You can rely on us for guidance in negotiating both the terms and the underlying contract. We can also provide assistance with reviewing titles or surveys and with writing or reviewing leases, service contracts, and other documents related to the purchase and use of a property.

We can also provide counsel in negotiations with your lenders as well. If you have already negotiated the basic terms of your loan, we can ensure that the remainder and other terms of the loan documents align with your expectations.

If necessary, we can also help you choose the appropriate corporate entities or structure, prepare any necessary documents — such as operating agreements and resolutions — and assist with the formation of those entities.

Our attorneys can take you through the entire closing process. By carefully reviewing closing documents and communicating with the title and escrow agents, we can ensure that the transaction is closed properly. You can also count on our expertise to help you manage any situation and obligation that can sometimes arise after a loan closes.

For expert counsel on a purchase transaction, please contact Scott N. Schaeffer.

Sale Transactions

Our attorneys have many years of experience in assisting clients in the sale of commercial real estate, including sale of vacant ground, single and multi-tenant retail properties, industrial projects, single family investment properties, large and small multi-family developments (including apartments and hotels), and other types of commercial real estate.

We will help you understand and negotiate a contract, communicate with counsel for the purchaser, review title work, assist with due diligence items, and produce any documents needed at the time of closing.

We can also communicate with lenders and address any issues relative to outstanding loans, including loans involving commercial mortgage backed securities or defeasance. Like all purchases, all sales are unique and each may have specific or unique aspects which need to be addressed. Our attorneys will be there for you to assist with any unforeseen post-closing issues that sometimes arise in the sale of commercial property.

For expert legal guidance related to your sales transaction, please contact Scott N. Schaeffer.

Leases and Tenant Issues

Whether you are a tenant or landlord, KSR offers guidance and counsel in the negotiation of both new and existing leases. Our expertise extends to:

  • Single-family residential leases for investment properties
  • Leases for multi-family properties
  • Single and multi-tenant retail establishments
  • Industrial and other types of tenant leases

We can also assist you in preparing or addressing leases for properties to be developed or which may be leased via ground lease.

Over the years, we have worked with both landlords and tenants to settle lease disputes. Regardless of whether you are a tenant or landlord, we will work diligently on your behalf to resolve your claim. In cases where a resolution cannot be reached, we are always prepared to vigorously represent you in any necessary legal proceedings.

For assistance regarding a lease, please contact Scott N. Schaeffer.

Tax Appeals


Few things are more steadfast or more onerous. Making sure you pay what you owe — and nothing more — shapes the core of our tax counsel. We have deep experience representing consumer, business, and banking clients in tax appeals before local boards of revision, boards of tax appeal, and various courts in the State of Ohio.

When working with you, we begin by reviewing all available evidence that may support your request for a lower valuation or help challenge a proposed increase. We believe it is critical that you understand the prospects of your particular case and what may be necessary to give you the best chance of success.

We can help represent your interests before any boards or courts by presenting pertinent evidence including documentary evidence, live testimony from you, appraisers, or other third parties. You need not, nor should you have to, go it alone.

For legal assistance regarding commercial or business taxes or tax appeals, please contact Scott N. Schaeffer.

Zoning Disputes

Throughout our long history of handling zoning issues, we have helped clients from across Ohio successfully resolve a range of zoning disputes.

We can provide assistance to help you obtain rezoning of your property, obtain variance, or resolve whatever zoning or use of real estate issue you many have.

Helping you resolve your zoning dispute begins with providing you with a full understanding of the Zoning Code and knowing what you hope to accomplish. From there we can determine the best way to move forward and begin working with the appropriate zoning authorities to help you achieve your goals.

For counsel related to zoning code issues, contact Scott N. Schaeffer.

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