As specialists in a broad range of family, business, and labor law, our litigation attorneys offer in-depth experience to advance your rights — both in and out of the courtroom.

The litigation attorneys at KSR have helped our clients navigate the complexities of virtually every facet of the law — and successfully resolved countless legal disputes. Our scope of litigation services include representation related to probate law, bankruptcy, business and commercial law, and employment law. Click on the tab below for more details on the litigation practice and services available to you at KSR- or contact Steven D. Rowe, Erica A. Probst or Scott N. Schaeffer.

Probate Litigation

If there is a will — or trust or estate — we know the best way to manage it through the probate process.

We can help you understand the terms, intent, and provisions of any documents and help you understand your rights, and entitlement to any proceeds due whether you are a named executor, beneficiary, guardian, or trustee. We can:

  • Provide counsel to executors
  • Clarify ambiguous or uncertain wills, trusts, or powers of attorney
  • Contest wills and trusts executed under duress or by individuals who are not competent to make the decisions
  • Offer assistance in cases where executors, trustees, or guardians abuse their power causing harm to vulnerable family members
  • Provide guidance on disputes regarding the valuation of estate or trust assets, proper timing of distributions to beneficiaries, legal efforts to retrieve concealed assets, and resolution of disputes regarding the true intent of the will or trust

To consult with one of our probate litigation attorneys, contact Steven D. Rowe or Erica Ann Probst.

Bankruptcy Litigation

KSR provides bankruptcy litigation services to both debtors and lenders.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling all manner of bankruptcy hearings including hearings on relief from stay, enforcement of liens, plan objections and approvals, confirmations and adversary proceedings.

On behalf of debtors, our attorneys provide representation related to all facets of bankruptcy including liquidation, reorganization, and working with creditors. We will work diligently to uncover creative solutions to protect your interest throughout the liquidation or reorganization process.

On behalf of creditors, our attorneys can aggressively pursue enforcement of liens, protection of collateral, and reasonable repayment terms. Whether it is securing relief from a stay, assessing and handling plans, or enforcing liens, we seek to achieve the best economic result for our clients.

To consult with one of our bankruptcy litigation lawyers, contact Erica Ann Probst.

Commercial and Business Litigation

Virtually any enterprise, whether big or small, can find itself in a legal dispute with those with whom it does business.

The attorneys of KSR have numerous years of experience in resolving disputes for their clients in cases involving commercial property transactions; personal property; disputes between partners, board members or corporate officers; and matters related to the purchase or sale of businesses and assets.

Since several KSR attorneys specialize in business and real estate law, they can couple that specific knowledge with their litigation experience to help you achieve the best outcome possible — whether through settlement through prosecution or defense of your interests in court.

To consult with one of our commercial and business litigation attorneys, contact Steven D. Rowe, Erica Ann Probst, or Scott N. Schaeffer.

Employment Litigation

Despite your best efforts to provide a productive and harmonious workplace, you may find yourself being sued by a disgruntled employee.

We provide a broad spectrum of counsel and litigation services to protect your rights as a business owner in today’s often contentious and litigious business environment. Our goal is to make cost-effective decisions early on to minimize expense and maximize a positive outcome for your company.

To consult with one of our employment litigation lawyers, contact Erica Ann Probst.

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