Commercial and Business Law

Our livelihood — what we do for a living — says a great deal about us. It is what makes the practice of commercial and business law so compelling and so rewarding.

At KSR, we bring more than our wealth of legal knowledge and experience to every case before us; we bring our passion. We know that for our clients, nothing is more personal than the health and well-being of their business affairs.

Since our founding, we have helped thousands of clients work through the complexities of contracts, purchases, sales, lending, borrowing, debt restructuring, tax codes, employee relations, and the incredible array of details that go into starting, running, growing, expanding or even closing a business. When you bring your business to us, we will utilize everything we have for advancing, protecting and promoting your interests, assets, and opportunities.

Commercial and Business Law Services

Business and Corporate Law

If you want to start, restructure, merge, expand or even wind down your business — our business law acumen can help keep your business buttoned up.

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Creditor’s Rights

Whether you are an individual or an institution, the creditor’s rights attorneys at KSR offer efficient, aggressive, and professional representation in pursuing your goals.

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Commercial Real Estate

Given the legal complexity and number of parties involved in commercial real estate, your interests and assets demand the experienced, unflinching counsel our clients have relied on since 1977.

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Employment and Labor Law

At KSR we believe a good working relationship between you and your employees starts with a clear understanding of their rights — and yours.

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Banking Law

As a financial institution, you have many different requirements in dealing with borrowers, guarantors and even other institutions. The banking law attorneys at KSR will work to preserve your interests and assets as if they were their own.

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As specialists in a broad range of family, business, and labor law, our litigation attorneys offer in-depth experience to advance your rights — both in and out of the courtroom.

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Business Debt Restructuring

When unforeseen circumstances put your business at risk, take advantage of our longstanding experience counseling banks and lenders and put it to work for you.

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When it comes to construction, the foundation for success rests on a solid contract — one crafted with your interests at the forefront.

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